AU: Allison is Dean’s daughter. He usually trains her, wants her to be ready if anything happens when he’s not there or if anything happens to him. He doesn’t take her on many hunting trips because he wants her to be safe and he wants her to have some stability in her life, unlike the way he was raised, so he bought her an apartment in Beacon Hills using stolen credit cards. She’s been there for three months and she’s really close to Isaac, a werewolf Dean knows nothing about. Even if Allison loves and trusts him so much, she knows that he’ll do absolutely anything for her safety and she doesn’t want to risk Isaac’s safety either. Isaac knows Allison is a very stubborn girl so instead of disagreeing with her which would make her go alone, he comes along to help her hunt whatever’s roaming around the town. However, Allison is killed. Dean is beyond crushed because she, along with Sammy and Castiel were his only remaining family members alive. He can’t accept her death so he asks Castiel to bring her back but it’s complicated.

Additional Notes: As I was making it, I realized it could have gone another way too. Dean would sell his soul for Allison, but this is really up to you. The story I just wrote is not a proper story so I invite you to use your imagination and make it up as anything you like. I just really enjoy the idea of Allison being Dean’s daughter.


Haylijah Appreciation Week | Day 3 → Favorite Protective Moment.

"This is fine, Elijah. You’re sick, I’m taking care of you."

Wow, that sucks